Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Poetry Blog Review Week 35 on Kim Nelson

Good morning, today's Friday Poetry Blog Review, let's take a look around Kim Nelson Writes, her blog is rich in talent and beautiful in representations...

The Path, Bold by Kim Nelson

What is myth,
Fabled story
Well then
Given that
I AM my own myth
Gradually unfolding
Day by day
Hour to hour
Altering the course of history
For good.
Big work, this.
Driven to be true
To future, self and path,
I’ll purify the line.
And set things right

I Shall Carry
by Kim Nelson

In my pocket
I shall carry
all that does hold value
and Faith
a little Love, perhaps
Validation for the Work that I do
Good Wishes for others walking their path
Support for the ones now discouraged
Reinforcement for folks one day at a time
Reminders: Don’t hurry or worry
Goodness and Guidance based on the greats,
those wordsmiths who altered the future
Kindness and Honor toward others I meet
Awareness that we all endure,
are The Light


Kim Nelson is a true poet and drawer; she does her sketches in water color,
(see below), one of her post has showed us the process of her sketching.. 

visit here to see how the picture is formed step by step…

Kim Nelson’s blog is a garden, reading her work is like walking around blooming flowers, you feel the freshness, creative energy, and wisdom in passion,
Visit her blog today.


Iris Raun Murphy said...

a lovely retreat and treat for all.