Friday, May 18, 2012

Poem of the Week 36: on Amit Khanna

Hello, welcome to Jingle Poetry Community @ Olive Garden,  where poetry is our center theme, and
creative writing dominates our mindset...before presenting you our week 36 poem of the week today, I
wish to remind you our MAY initiative: Jingle Poetry Rally 4 Worldwide Peace Month, i. e.,  we want 
you to grow a mindset and think about how we cherish peace instead of can write about your
desire or feelings related to wars or violence and post to share with us any is simply a time to pause,
reconsider how our actions or decisions impact lives, and how we might improve human grace in more peaceful manners...

 stand Behind Us, promote world peace today,

JiPoRa4WoPeMo rocks!

now, as for our poem of the week,. we have Amit's talent represented here, enjoy!

And I live... by Amit Khanna  

It rained, it was sane and I sang my songs...
It occurred, wasn't obscured, still to me it belongs,
It was fun, wasn't funny, instilled some laughs,
I revere the love, the muse, the frolic it flaunts,
Back in days, nostalgic, I stress...
Fingers through my hairs and the careens,   
I have been blessed and still blissful and it counts,
The ravines of Love longing and distance taunts,
Steps far destined never promised same firs,
and now the downs rake up more than stirs,
Those dawn strolls on the dew laden grass,
Hand in hand clubbed, blinded worldly farce,
And the destiny amused and ironic it reads,
The land I belong is mixed, it's for me to pick the joyous leads....

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