Saturday, May 12, 2012

Saturday Poem of the Week 35: on Mindsinger

Yay!! Weekend has finally arrived and lots of plan for fun is coming up since Miss. Sunny Rays has finally decided to visit us in our place.After a long break (I believe so), I, Uma Anandane from Inside Poem  and authoring at Perpetual Mind is again here to post about weekly  picks for Saturday Poem of the week.As usual, among the amazing submissions I had one pick to show-cast to all the Poets here.

Theme : Plants,Creatures and Cosmos 
Pick : The Master Noticed
Author :  Mindsinger

The Master Noticed

I’ve never seen the ocean
but I’ve known a quiet stream,
I’ve seen it catch the sunshine,
and I’ve heard it as it seemed
to hold the wisdom of its Maker
clear within its golden gleam.

I’ve never seen the ocean,
but I’ve known a drop of dew.
I’ve seen it on the rosebud
and I know it holds a view
of worlds so wide and wonderful
that I must seek them too.

I’ve never seen the heavens
from the Master’s point of view.
But I’ve seen a gleam of starlight
on a meadow, silvery blue.
And I know these things I’ve looked upon
the Master noticed, too!

How very spiritual touch the above had even in small things we see every day.I too the liberty of not pasting the pictures that he had in his poem and I think Mr.Mindsinger won't mind it since I still captured the beauty of his poem

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and don't forget to leave your comments here in JP's Olive Garden.

TA TA..see you next week  :)


Taylor said...

a good one, Uma.