Friday, May 4, 2012

Poem of the Week 34 on Castle Keep By Raivenne

Good evening,  how is your weekend? I am doing the poem of the week today, this week,
we have loads of poetry shown and I'm pleased to represent Raivenne's Castle Keep as poem of the week 34...Enjoy! :)

Castle Keep by Raivenne  

My steed rides roughly through the loam
We’ve traveled very wide and far
Battle weary but still on par
For all the road I’ve yet to roam
The longest road the first step home

The portion to right unjust wrong
The cost to our men’s lives was steep
The pride we sow we humbly reap
The battle fought was hard and long
Tales that become folklore and song

Glad it’s all done should truth be told
I contemplate my latest scar
Hopeful my queen forgives the mar
Small price to pay her gentle scold
To see the face I long to hold

A winter’s storm slows our advance
All far travels have their own cost
as we lose more men to the frost
my men look to me for guidance
I cannot waver in my stance

Though my own mood be very drear
It’s I alone who holds their hope
It’s by my lead I know they cope
The last goal twixt what we hold dear
My men let loose a hearty cheer

I may yet enter in a tome
The sight of the valley’s green sweep
and just ahead the Castle Keep
The wind becomes our wild mane’s comb
The shortest road the last step home


Marissa Biden Sergey Christina Murphy said...

thought provoking.


Mariya Koleva said...

Wonderful poem! Quiet deserving its title and tribute.
Best, M.