Saturday, November 12, 2011

Poetic Reflections Week 13 on Fiveloaf

 Tell us about yourself.

i am a second generation immigrant Chinese lazing in the sunny island of Penang- a former British colony and currently, a Unesco listed heritage city situated off the North Western coast of Malaysia.

Tell me about your blog, the name, what does it mean to you?

Fiveloaf is a poetry blog. the singularity is obvious although in the plural sense, 'five loaves' in christian theology means 'feeding the multitudes'. i am very much a man of faith although the spiritual aspect of my journey took a bizarre turn and here i am, living in a plane of my own.

 When did you start blogging?

i started in nov 2009. then, it had the catchphrase "encounters under the coconut tree" which i still keep in my category but since sept 2010, i did a major revamp and adopted "changes within, changes without" to replace the former. i felt that i have revolved, and social,  political and environmental issues is something i can no longer neglect. i try to help propagate its awareness with what i do best~ with poems, prose or my own brand of philosophy. 

Your first poem? Remember?

very nostalgic indeed!

fragrance from the east

nothing smells sweeter than
the fragrance from the east
a budding chinoiserie
that thresholds the paddy pond
and the lallang filled path
leaves stretching upward to the sky..
the moon noticed
and beamed its widest smile!
why do you try so hard little flower?
aren’t you scared of the coming monsoon?
in quiet dignity
she mused
longingly she stood unafraid..
as the bleak evening passed
and morning whistles its cock crow tune
the little bud bloomed
her sweet fragrance now permeates the air
for she knew
that he would ramble out from
his shed in curiosity
to follow the fragrance
as the smell took over where the snuffed candles fade
in an inkling
there he was-
nonchalantly picking her up
minding her every petal…
tucked it into his dust jacket
& took her home.
the sun grinned..

What are your writing inspirations?

i am prompted to write when issues affect or disturb me and most of the time, i follow the pulsations in my heart. 

How do you define poetry as “Good”? Do you revise your work?

good poetry is written from the heart. good poetry must have a good title. good poetry should be written in simple language. and good poetry makes people ponder. i don't usually revise my work but on a few occasions, i did replace certain words to make it easier to understand.  

When did you start writing poetry? Do you write fiction as well?

Ever since i wrote my first shared poem   

no, i don't write fiction.

a paradox too lovely to forgo

(my first poem reposted- Nov 17th 2009)

love takes away their breath
yet in that fatal breathlessness
they find life
like a lily blooming in winter
I relish in your cocoon
the sweet smell of scented petals
garnishing my thoughts
for I know I will never wilt
and dews will never form
only frozen in time
with you..

Do you have a favorite author or poet?
Oscar wilde. 

Favorite quote?

'consistency is the refuge of the unimaginative'- oscar wilde.  

Why do you support Jingle Poetry Community, including Jingle Poetry @ The Gooseberry Garden?

Jingle herself has been good to me ever since and i feel interaction with the community makes writers and poets grow. i am not here to seek accolade but i do feel belong in this community. i made a lot of friends here!

What's your plan for your future writing? 

if you look closely, my blog has a few objectives. the first is to unleash the voice in me. in philosophy, in prose, in poetry form. secondly, i try to develop Cursery Rhymes which is an experimental repertoire of my childhood love of nursery rhymes dedicating it to the straight-faced grown ups. it is still in its infancy actually. lastly, i have also compiled for record, a collection of early sayings, proverbs, rhymes and ditties of my hoi polloi which i felt is important as it retell the lifestyle of my forefathers. they are archived for the younger generations to understand their origin. depending on the wind, one day all these might just get published! right now, it is to me a hobby.. :)

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Jingle Poetry said...


Thanks for the responses,

you have been an amazing inspiration and support to us.


Kay said...

Excellent interview. It's wonderful to learn more about you! I am absolutely impressed by your insight as well as the inspiration you give. May you be blessed with the desires of your heart.

Anonymous said...

thanks to both of you.. have been busy, still am and will try to keep up! just posted. best wishes!