Saturday, November 19, 2011

Poem of the Week "Childhood, Dreams, Books, and Role Models"

A weekend welcome to Gooseberry Garden!The theme "Childhood, Dreams, Books, and Role Models" itself has lots of muse to write about.Children are a source if joy and childhood is a source sweet remembrance.Pretty little things by Jothi Mishra is one such poem that recalls sweet memories from childhood.I can't ignore the facts on these sweet.Thanks to all contributors and your wonderful poems.

Pretty little Things-by Jothi Mishra

Pretty little things
So many, you ignore. 
Few, you can never forget.
For some, you are not sure. 
Few, constantly pricks. 
Many others, just useless tricks. 
No matter how small they are. 
They have this bundle of power. 
Which can control you,
or can twist your mood. 
Some, you wanna retain. 
Others, you elude. 

The tiny gift your friend gave. 
For a sip of coffee, you crave. 
First prize, you won in school. 
Silly things you did, pretending to be cool. 
Sarcastic comment, your classmate made. 
Fun you had in college parade. 
A friend, who stopped talking to you. 
Next door pal, with whom you grew. 
Mistakes, for which your mother slapped.
Ohh, the height of enjoyment you had
in designing pranks and getting trapped. 
Flowers of the plant you planted before. 
That girl in your class, always outscored. 
Lovely, unusual sibling love you shared. 
Shine of your new bike, you proudly glared. 
Movies, outings and trips with your gang. 
Irritating others with your private slangs.

These small things.
They do count. 
Adds meaning n spice
in your lives n surrounds. 
Pretty little things 
they may be.
Made from people 
like you and me.
An elegantly blended.
potpourris, of sweet n sour 
moments n memories. 

This is Umamaheswari Anandane from Inside My Poem Book and Perpetual Mind , one of the official in Gooseberry garden feels honored to be a part of this lovely community .


Lets encourage each other and grow together !

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Great discovery, Uma, in discovering

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