Thursday, November 24, 2011

Friday Poetry Blog ~ Week 15 ~ Write It Robin

I thought that today I am going to hightlight this blogger's WebBlog, she has been apart of the Jingle Community & The Gooseberry Garden as one of the officials. She is also my partner doing the Reviews on various blogs on the communities, we first worked together doing the Tuesday Reviews and now we do the Friday Blog Review, I have read her reviews and she captures the essence of each blog so wonderfully.
Some may know her some may not, but I am sure we all know her talent as a poetess is amazing, she is none other then Robin from the blog Write.It .

About The Author

I have'nt found anything on her as she has no about me page, Robin I think you should ad some info on yourself so that the readers get to know you.

About Her Blog

I think the new look is super cool, I am sure that there must be a story behind the title of the blog.
It is a blog with many illustrations, she has all kinds of genres that she writes in, she also have a facebook page for her blog, once you on her blog in the far left corner you will get the links to her google profile, facebook, also twitter. She has many other links such as blogroll.
the top of the page you will get your homepage, content( here I discovered she has done all her post alphabetically) she writes about many other issues such as depression and so many more.

Her Poetry

This poem completely stood out to me, I think most of us can relate to her words.

By Robin Elizabeth
I can’t tell you I know how you feel.
I can’t tell you that I understand.
Everything still feels unreal.
And I’m waiting for the news to break,
That this was all just a dream.
Sometimes I wish,
Things could all go back,
To how they were before,
When everything was alright,
Or so it would seem.
But I guess everything has it’s reason.
Even when no one understands.
We won’t always know how to cope.
But we know, now, we must learn.
We were given no other choice.
We might not understand.
Why so much pain and confusion must be caused.
But only One knows the plans.
Only One can understand.
Just listen for The Voice.
And I may not understand.
Exactly how you’re feeling.
But I do understand,
That it’s unbearable to remember.
But He has His reasons.
So when times feel rather odd.
Because things feel so different.
Don’t break down in misery.
But remember in joy the times,
Each memory, the seasons.

On a christian point of view, we as people we have those moments when life gets quite hard and some of us wants to give up and throw in the towel, but if we just keep going and remember the word of God we can push through.
Thanks Robin for your amazing words, I have enjoyed browsing your blog. I am sure there are others that also find inspiration through your words of hope and comfort.

I am Chimnese and I hope you all have a good week ahead, don't forget to visit Robin's page at Write.It .


chemical free said...

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Maxwell Mead Williams Robinson Barry said...

I love Robin's blog very much,

what a treat for the day, Chimnese.

way to go.

Jingle Poetry At Washington State said...

Robin is a beautiful one as a poet and her blog is a gem.

Thanks for the sharp eye, Chimnese.

RobinElizabeth58 said...

I didn't expect that, haha, thanks for the great review.
I do actually have a small profile if you click my name in the left panel of my blog, but I will get started on an About Me section. (:

Chim's World of Literature said...

I'd like to to read your About Me page would be great to know more about you as a person...