Thursday, November 10, 2011

Friday Poetry Blog ~ Week 13 ~ I Rhyme Without Reason( Leo)

One of the blogs I have encounted through Jingle Poetry Community earlier this year and also one of my greatest poet friends. I have only known him awhile, but his talent is outstanding no mistake that this talented writer will go far in his pursuit in his literary career.
I introduce this weeks wellknown to all in the Jingle,Gooseberry garden & also Poets Rally former official the person who gave me the chance and helped me with my first Tuesday Review blog, Leo .

About the poet/Leo

"My name is Vinay, and I write under the pen name Leo. I am from India and have been writing since forever, on this blogging world since 5 years nearly, both in Blogger & Wordpress platforms.

At my space, you'll find any form that pleases me, inspire me, makes me write. I feel I live "in words" , and those words "inside ink drops".
I'm far from perfect, far from any destination, and sometimes far from any hope...but I'm always near to words, near to laughter and near to any inspiration that I can give & take! Have fun reading my word."
That is words straight from the author.

Leo has plenty of other activities such as memes that he takes apart in. His blog has finally launched his own facebook page. So if you will please add him to your facebook page & like his Blog page. You can also find him on the networkblogs, twitter aswell.

The Blog : I Rhyme Without Reason

I like the layout of this blog, the background especially it stands out to me, it gives you that welcoming feeling that you do want to read this writers work, and you wouldn't be dissapointed because his poetry is finely crafted. What also attracts me to this blog is the author's pen name, Leo.

Leo is a star sign & it has its own definition even though we can't define the person.
Leo is considered to be a "masculine", positive (extrovert) sign.

The top of the blog has taps where you will be directed to his Me- Memes,Appreciations,Inspire my ink drops. On the right side of the blog you will find the tags and blog roll an dhow you can also become a follower.

His poetry

I have selected this poem because it has such powerful word flow that do touch the reader in some way.

on heart's paper
by Leo

Forgive my broken feet,
for they are dead tired.
dancing with the ghosts,
gathered from my past,
around me like a hoop.

painful my life topples,
hit by a thousand tears,
I wish to run far away,
but my shoulder bolted,
causes me to die here,
drop to my knees again.

I wonder, if I speak out,
will relief be discovered,
or will my heart burst,
drowning in shallow sea,
of an unending horror.

alas, I have not a soul,
to listen to my sorrows,
and my words to stay,
forever inked in blood,
on my hearts papers.

on hearts papers

This poem gives me chills, leo one fantastic poem you have scribbled and you give it that unique effect that all your previous poems I have read thus far give.

"The crown of literature is poetry.. It is its end and aim.  It is the sublimest activity of the human mind.  It is the achievement of beauty and delicacy.' the writer of prose can only step aside when the poet passes."

My name is Chimnese and I wish you all a great week ahead, with fine poetry from I Rhyme Without Reason .


The Orange Tree said...

leo deserves this,

awesome choice.

Anonymous said...

An excellent choice, Chimnese! It was great to read about Leo's talented work.

Chim's World of Literature said...

It was an honor to do his blog, his talent is outstanding, also one of my fave poet friends I've made.

Aakriti said...

Hola...hey gooseberry garden...since u invited me at this beautiful place of urs..i'll be sharing my poems as well...just a suggestion..what do u think if ur background of the blog has just one picture or color..multiple pictures are distracting..and the quote in yellow is hard to read...changing color would be nice..
as goes for this poem by Leo...fabulous one...just wanted a sigh of relief..a breather as i read each line..could feel the burden, the pain, the overwhelming emotions...I wont say it's nice..just that ur heart speaks it all Leo!!

Leo said...

Hey all, I'm honored to be featured here :) And in such a beautiful manner too. Thanks for the kind words, Chim. IT means a lot to see it and your reviews are rocking! :)

Aakriti said...

Hey....I love the background of ur blog now:)