Saturday, June 2, 2012

Quoted Poetry: The Friday Poetry Blog Review on Gigi Ann

 Photo by Gigi Ann

Oh, Winter comes a'calling
To dampen life's warming days
Spreading across the meadow
Where the last leaf of autumn lays

How sadly does the dying leaf
Flutter ~ to the frosty ground
Its glow a fading ember
Falling softly ~ without a sound

No more to see the sunrise
Above the forest ~ deeply green
Nor to treasure the glowing twilight
As it passes now ~ unseen

Oh, yes ~ Old Winter's a'calling
Where the barren trees now stand
Spreading ~ a darkened silence
With the touch of its chilly hand

The Winter brings the ending
Of our summer and autumn days
Their warm memories ~ are now buried
Where the last leaf of autumn lays.....

~ Hazelmarie Elliott ~

Her blog is relaxing to visit, check it out today...I have enjoyed her nature in blogging and sharing poetry, including humor with

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