Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thursday Poetry Form Week 33: The Alouette (Via Megzone and Jan Turner)

Fly away my dear
Towards blue skies clear
As stars whisper secrets sweet
Mellow dreams appeal
In pied shades of teal
Towards puffy clouds retreat        
Traversing afar
Wishing on a star
Skyward bound the solar way
Rosy Sun embarks
Sending fiery sparks
Ushering in a new day
Awaking from dreams
Of stars & moonbeams
Merrily the wind bellows
Kindling up all pores
Tiny eyes all sore
Sunrays streaming through windows

The Alouette

The Alouette, created by Jan Turner, consists of two or more stanzas of 6 lines each, with the following set rules:

Meter: 5, 5, 7, 5, 5, 7
Rhyme Scheme: a, a, b, c, c, b

The form name is a French word meaning ‘skylark’ or larks that fly high, the association to the lark’s song being appropriate for the musical quality of this form. The word ‘alouette’ can also mean a children’s song (usually sung in a group), and although this poetry form is not necessarily for children’s poetry (but can be applied that way), it is reminiscent of that style of short lines.  Preference for the meter accent is on the third syllable of each line  


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