Sunday, April 1, 2012

Poem of the week

Hello all, its been a long time meeting you all at JP's Olive Garden.Hope my posting now doesn't alter anything at JP ;) .Well, for the theme  Boating, Water, Mountains, and Birthday Parties .

Words are everywhere and wonderful twining of selected words gives birth to poetry

Today the poem of the week is geezer girl's Radical. Geezer girl according to her profile is Hair dresser, artist, writer and a renaissance woman.Her poem is simple as BE WHAT YOU ARE way with carefully woven words.


The Path of radical has no bridge to the other side
All consuming cloister of absolutes trapped
within the admonition that this is the One Way
The island seems small and littered with text
Iconic debris leans on mounds and abstinence of
earthly favor lets the frost bite cloak the trembling prayer

Perhaps it is the limitation of the heart that betrays
that cloistered cluster of absolutes from entrance
Perhaps it is the limitation of the mind that closes
when the radical consumes the air around you and
you can not breath the freshness of possibility
or see beyond the idols set before you.

There is no place for the in between or the indifferent
Or the nay sayer or the prophets of many other ways
All of us cherishing some small mound of earth
In an ocean of rightness and wrongness littered
with text and icons and idols of every sorted sort
Speaking a truth that is blasphemes to another

The Way has many junctures, forks, challenges
Many islands, mountains, cathedrals, fairy circles
If you can think it, it will be placed before you glaring
And if there is no Way in or out or around or through
Maybe the radical thing is to just be right where you are
Sustained in the blessing that you perfect as you are

This is Umamaheswari Anandane from Inside My Poem Book and Perpetual Mind , one of the official in Gooseberry garden feels honored to be a part of this lovely community .


Lets encourage each other and grow together !

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