Friday, September 9, 2011

Poem of the Week (Saturday )

Morning Poetic friends !

Hope you enjoyed the Poetry Picnic together sharing , caring and more over developing into a friendly community.We at Gooseberry Garden enjoyed each of your poetic talents and are amazed with the use of words in your poems .This day , one poem honors to be displayed here and here we go ....

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I liked the way the poet rhymed with a meaning and a flow .It was a like a song , Mr.OldStrong .Thanks to the author for these words 

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Just start to read – I want to plant a seed – no time to stop and think we’re going full speed – one simple aim, progress, proceed – forget what you want, forget what you need – we’re doing good so far true indeed – we’ve got to keep it up, can’t stop to feed – just stay focussed, follow my lead – keep an orderly line we don’t want a stampede – people will get hurt, they’ll bruise, they’ll bleed – don’t be selfish there’s no place for greed – just follow the path, I beg, I plead – I know what I say, so when I speak take heed – we can do this together, on that we’re agreed – we have to love one another if we are to succeed – we’ve done it my friends, we’ve arrived, we’re freed.

The above Poem By The OldStrong 

About Me:

I am Umamaheswari Anandane ,the owner of Inside My Poem Book and Perpetual Mind , feels honored to be a part of the Jingle poetry reading and selecting poems from amazing writers from everywhere.


Lets encourage each other and grow together !

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The Gooseberry Garden said...

enjoyed the poem's word flow.

awesome choice, Uma.

Celestial Dreamz said...

great choice ... loved it. thanx.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much everybody I have only just found out that I was awarded poem of the week. To say I am honored would be an understatement especially with so many beautiful pieces from so many talented poets / writers to choose from. Thank you all.

Lee - The OldStrong

Anonymous said...

great pick uma and congrats oldstrong!