Thursday, September 29, 2011

Friday Poetry Blog Week 7 - Kim Nelson Writes

This weeks blog review is one of the many blogs that I have been going back and forth over the last few months. She's well known by many of the bloggers from Jingle & Gooseberry community.
Let me introduce this weeks featured blog, Kim Nelson .

About Kim : words by Kim herself.

I AM an artist,  writer, creator and wordsmith.
My media: Words, letters, syntax and form.
Give me some words.
Let me work my magic.
I can’t wait to see what develops.

Her Blog

The blog has the welcoming of a garden side, as I have noted that she also has written books on gardening. I can tell that she is truly one for nature and takes it as God's gifts to us humans to enjoy the beauty especially in teh Springtime.
On her header you will find tabs that would link you to : Books Published, Contact & Archives, she also has a tab for her art. Each creative diversity has its own place where you can enjoy her art,poetry and short story fiction.

Her Poetry, Writing

A Little Light, Please

let me
look into your peepers,
soul to see
let me
saturate myself with
your energy
let me
open up the windows of my heart
willingly invite you from the start
let me

Forward 1-9, etc.

lest you find
you’re left behind
because not going
is the same as choosing
to fall back, lose ground, decline
Evolve. Devolve. Seems you have a choice.
“There you go, you are a success aren’t you?”
I personally like this poem, it tells me that we should move on beyond the point we're at this current moment. That life is about moving, evolving and that our goals is there to be reached, nothing is not attainable, depends on ourselves what God has given us to make it worth.
I leave you with this quote inspired by Kim Nelson.

Heaven Lies About Me

“One of the hardest lessons we have to learn in this life, and one that many persons never learn,
is to see the divine, the celestial, the pure,
in the common, the near at hand-
to see that heaven lies about us here in this world.”
- John Burroughs
I am Chimnese and I am wishing you all a great week ahead, also dont forget to check this blogger's work out at Kim Nelson Writes .


The Gooseberry Garden said...
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The Gooseberry Garden said...

Kim Nelson writes elegant poetry, thanks for highlighting her.


Chim's World of Literature said...

Thanks was great honor to do this review on her blog...

Anonymous said...

One of my favorites. Great choice!

Kim Nelson said...

I am overwhelmed and honored to be highlighted here at the Gooseberry Garden. Thank you for your kindness and your support of so many writers all over the globe.

Jingle Poetry said...

Kim, our pleasure.
you are a true gem, keep it up.