Friday, August 26, 2011

Poetry Blog Review Week 2-On Magic In The Backyard

This blog is very thoughtful and creative, first of all, Kellie Elmore is a talented poet, secondly, she has very beautiful challenges such as Free Write Friday, Creative Challenges, and etc., see details below.

Poetry, Ponders & Prompts of Her Blog

She has been in Jingle Poetry Community for almost one year, everyone loves her charming characters, which is also demonstrated in her blog…

Autumn’s Apology
by Kellie Elmore

she tried to sneak in
through the misty morning
but her chilly hands gave her away
when she laid them on my skin
while I was sleeping
I waited all summer for you
I got up to close the window
and saw her
she was spinning in the yard
and painting the leaves on my tree’s
sorry I was late
Magic in the Backyard™
©Kellie Elmore

Waiting on Morning

by Kellie Elmore

I couldn’t sleep
so I figured I’d wait
and I’m yawning
but, finally
here she comes
wearing a peach gown
a gift
of iridescent beauty
igniting the sky,
and I watch the night,
forced to kneel before her
and there,
I see the tree’s
raising their hands
in praise
so lovely
the birds are starting to sing
and I’m still yawning
but, she was worth it
Magic in the Backyard™
©Kellie Elmore

Anyway, Kellie is a great inspiration to poets in our community, please visit her blog today.
You may join her Free Write Friday now

Ready, set…Write!

*Click here for more writing challenges.

Happy Writing!


The Gooseberry Garden said...

love her blog and her talent.

way to go, Kellie Elmore.

you rock.

Chim's World of Literature said...

I've read most of her work @ AP she's a very nice lady.

The Cello Strings said...

Thanks for the agreement,


LBTL said...

Nice interview!

Anonymous said...

couldn't agree more! :) best wishes!