Friday, August 26, 2011

Poem of the Week (Saturday ) for the prompt Adam and Eve

Welcome to the new look and new place " Gooseberry Garden".Sashi had his prompt on Adam and Eve this Monday and we had lots of links with wonderful submissions.Again, as a rule , only one poem is being selected as Poem of the week.So this week, Adam and Eve in Paradise from Perfumed Verse Blog has been selected for the Poem of the week

The Author pushpee as she calls herself is blogger, writer and fund raiser.She have published 2 books on computers for kids, a set of 24 modules on mathematics for pre-school and an inspiration story in 'Chicken soup for Indian souls' .She is also a team member for quarterly magazine called 'Beyond Sindh' and also a committee member and hon.member on board of trustees for 'Swami Brahmamand Pratishthan, centre for mentally challenged', CBD, Belapur.The below poem revolves around Adam and Eve and how they were allured to eat the forbidden fruit

Adam and Eve in Paradise

With her eyes closed Eve lay
Draped around her innocent heart
The magic of garden soothing her soul
Happy and in a Nirvana poise
She heard the swishing of the winds
The buzzing and whizzing of the bees

She heard the soft footsteps of Adam
As he walked and quietly laid by her side
The smooth skin of apple touched her skin
As Adam playfully rolled over her shin

“Taste it! Feel its sweetness” he said
Knowing in his heart to be a forbidden fruit
“No” said she and crumbled up her nose
Then turned her body to other side

But Adam, obstinate, disobedient lad
Forced his wishes, till she relent
Condemning all humankind pact
Unmindful that the world would end

And so the story, as is told
It was Adam that seduced Eve to crime
Or else they would still be living in paradise

About Me:

I am Umamaheswari Anandane ,the owner of Inside My Poem Book and Perpetual Mind , feels honored to be a part of the Jingle poetry reading and selecting poems from amazing writers from everywhere.

Tomorrow  is 'Sunday  Rally Dispatch ' wherein you get to know what is happening in the poetic world all around you.The memes, the contests , the new comers and the achievers are highlighted for your notice .See you all next time around .


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Morning said...

awesome choice.

thanks for posting, Uma.

Dave King said...

A really fine poem. Congratulations.

The Gooseberry Garden said...

agreed, Dave King.

UmamaheswariAnandane said...

@all Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

great poem! tq uma..