Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Make Peace, Not War...Start Today, You, She, He, They, We, and I (Write, Think, and Leave A Comment, Thanks)

Fight of My Demons

I am in a constant state of war
The stuff that churns my wheels is burning in hells fire
even though beautiful people surround me i can’t be at peace
This rage is driving me wicked
It use to be about them and now its just I
I am not selfish but lately i haven’t even been Me
Fear is adding spirits to the fog
Ghosts of the pasts haven’t even left yet
Dark thoughts have stricken me and my actions are confused
I swear i am not a crusader
I can’t fight this off easy
I wish to be Me when it was we


Jingle Poetry At Olive Garden said...

peace is a life time theme,

make peace, with yourself, your neighbor, your friends, and your family....

live and be happy.

Gloria said...

I think the default mode of human nature is control and the desire for power. The concept of peace could only happen if mutual respect is present. It has not been my experience with those in power to see any behavior other than whatever it takes for them to remain in a position of power. So, the idea of peace sounds nice but humans are not peaceful creatures.

Catie Williams-Handcock Robinson said...

awesome tag.

Dea Lenihan said...

I hope if we keep putting it out there the universe will listen. Part of me thinks we need to change our frequencies first.