Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Time © Ronald Doe

Christmas Time is finally here,
It only comes but once a year.
And it's a time to spread good cheer,
To those we love and hold so dear.

Christmas Time is a time of glee,
A time when peace and love run free.
A time for those like you and me,
To sit beneath the Christmas Tree.

Christmas Time is a time of joy,
A time to sit back and enjoy.
The smile on each girl and boy,
As they play with a Christmas Toy.

Christmas Time is a time to share,
The passing of another year.
Birth of Jesus, a joyful prayer,
To show loved ones how much we care.

Christmas Time is a time for song,
A time for us to get along.
To make us feel Lord Jesus strong,
Forgive all those who did us wrong.

Christmas Time is a time to pray,
Put love and kindness on display.
Show compassion along the way,
Christmas Time should be everyday.


Helen Shakira Jaco Obama said...

happy holidays.

merry Christmas.

Jingle Poetry At Olive Garden said...

enjoy a perfect day.

Jingle Poetry has changed its name from JP to

Jingle Poetry At Washington State, in honoring the united states of America for its glory and strong support.

Jingle Poetry At Olive Garden said...

happy 16th birthday to tom lee,

happy belated birthdays to citizens of the world, who choose to embrace and love peace, respect, diversity, integrity, and freedom...

we salute to the first amendment for freedom of expression, speech, and writing.

a big go to George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Edison, ...George Walker Bush, Bill Clinton , and Barack Obama...

Anonymous said...

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dakshi said...