Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thursday Poetry Forms (Poetry for Dummies) Week 25

Welcome, again, to another week at The Gooseberry Garden. Once again (or still) I am CC Champagne and I am here to attempt to help you navigate the treacherous waters of poetry form.

Last week I tried to clarify some of the ins and outs of the Pantoum (though I am not sure any of us felt smarter after that attempt), the week before that we had a go at explaining the fascinating OULIPO form and I frankly sit here undecided about which form to tackle next... I have started looking into romantic poetry for the upcoming Valentine's Day celebration, but that is still two weeks off and I need something for this week.

When talking to a friend the other day the topic of poetry and writing came up, and her response was something along the lines of 'I can't do that, I could never write poetry!'. I know this friend is really good at writing (I have proofread some of her essays), so I was extremely shocked and a bit confused at how difficult she seemed to think that it would be to write poetry, in comparison to other forms of literature. Is it hard to write poetry? I suppose that would depend on your definition of poetry. If your definition of poetry is to be on par with Shakespeare, Keats or one of the other greats, then yes... You will have your work cut out for you. But poetry is so much more than that.


Wander said...

To me poetry isn't the same as a may tell a story, or just relay an impression but the feel, and process of producing poetry, while similar to, is different than pros.

Taylor Boomer said...


I have a post about trees, life, stories, or poetry,

please check it out here.