Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Poetic Reflections Special Tribe: Lilly

Tell us about yourself.

Well, there isn’t actually that much to tell. Very briefly, I’m a translator and a writer, with
a preponderant inclination towards poetry rather than towards prose. I have started to write poems when I was 18 and haven’t stopped writing since that day. The only changes made in time were related to my writing language, which some years ago turned from Romanian into English :).

Tell me about your blog, the name, what does it mean to you?

“Endless Journey” is a symbol, the symbol of my own constant search for more, of my personal openness to experience and to learning. It is the place where I prove myself on a daily basis that infinity can be touched and felt.

My blog link:

When did you start blogging?

I wrote the first post in my blog in June 2010. I still remember the thrills of that start and how I had no idea of how to use the platform :). God, I can’t believe it’s been already a year and a half.

Your first poem? Remember?

Yes, it was called “Anonymous will”, it is posted on my blog, on the “Who I am” page, together with its birth history :).

What are your writing inspirations?

Life, love, nature, words, philosophy, people…honestly, I never made a list of those…

How do you define poetry as “Good”? Do you revise your work?

“Good” means that, if I read it out-loud, I can hear it flowing. I rarely revise my work, because usually I don’t publish a text unless I am perfectly satisfied with it.

When did you start writing poetry? Do you write fiction as well?

I began writing poetry the moment I began to write at all, 14 years ago. I do write fiction, mainly short stories, and currently I am also working on a novel.

Do you have a favorite author or poet?

I have many favorite authors and poets…But to quote just two of them, I’d say that the poet that marked my soul from the very first second when I read it was Nichita Stanescu, and the writer was Umberto Eco.

Favorite quote?

The one that comes to my mind in this very second is one that belongs to Mother Teresa, and it goes sort of like this: “I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love.”

Why do you support Jingle Poetry Community, including Jingle Poetry @ The Gooseberry Garden?

First of all because I was adopted by this community when I was just beginning to learn how to blog, and I was kinda lost in the vastness of this online activity. Then one day Jingle came around and in the next second I wasn’t alone anymore :). So you see, JPC is sort of my blogging family :).
Secondly, because there are so many wonderful poets and writers that are a part of this community! And they all deserve to be supported and read and encouraged!

What's your plan for your future writing?

Well, I have tons of future plans – I have one new poetry collection ready to be published, I’m working on a novel, as I have already told you, and since poetry still flows through my being and comes to life through my pen, I guess I’ll just keep on writing for the rest of my life :).


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