Saturday, May 12, 2012

Poetic Reflection Week 35: on Angela Cohan


Hello.  My name is Angela Cohan.  I have written several articles,

poems and short stories.  My work has been featured in “The Iranian Jewish

Chronicle” and “OntheBus” literary journals.

I started a poetry blog two years ago.  My first poem was about the

Iraq war, titled “The Ravages of War.”  My favorite poem is about my

Grandfather called “The Thief of Time.” 

Sometimes I find inspiration from a word or a phrase that I’ve heard

and think would work well in a poem.  I usually get my ideas late at night

and it takes several days for a poem to come together.  I have also written

five fictional short stories.

             I love Emerson’s poems as well as Robert Frost’s poetry.  

             My favorite quote is: 

             ‘Friendship is the mirror in which you discover yourself”

             by M. Neman.

I discovered Jingle Poetry through a friend’s poetry blog.  Her name is

Lisa Thayer and the name of her website is The Poetry Juice Bar.  Her work

is simply exquisite.

It has been a pleasure to participate in Jingle Poetry Potluck, as well

as Gooseberry and JP at Olive Garden.  I have enjoyed visiting all the poets

and their wonderful and creative websites.  I think everyone in the group

has something unique to offer.


Angela Cohan

“Farewell My Sweet Charlie” is available for purchase on